Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Cu-Au Type Mineralization and Geochemistry of stream sediments and water around Neyshabour Turquoise mine and its environmental impact on people living nearby villages            0000-00-00
2    Zircon U-Pb dating of igneous debris fragments of Qara-gheitan conglomerate in Agh-darband area as representative of the Paleo-Tethys subduction magmatic arc in northeastern Iran            0000-00-00
3    Mineralogy and geochemistry studies of Sirzar prospect area, north of Torbat-e-Jam, Khorasan Razavi province            0000-00-00
4    Petrology of intrusive rocks in Baghak and North- C areas, Sanagan iron mine, Khaf            0000-00-00
5    Important occurrence of mineralization in Tertiary time within Lut Block, U-Pb zircon geochronology, Sr-Nd isotopic characteristic, Petrogenesis of Granitoids            0000-00-00
6    Satellite mineral mapping looking for Cu porphyry mineralized system and recognizing the level erosion in Eastern Iran            0000-00-00
7    Geology, mineralization, and geochemistry of Sechangi deposit, southeast of Tabas, East of Iran            0000-00-00
8    Geology, mineralization, and geochemistry of Howz-e-Rais deposit, southeast of Tabas, East of Iran            0000-00-00
9    Petrography and petrology of intrusive rocks in northeast of Nayband, East of Iran            0000-00-00
10    U–Pb zircon dating, geochemistry of Sr–Nd, petrogenesis of intrusive rocks and their relationship with Sn-mineralization in Klateh Ahani Rud Gas area, Ghonabad            0000-00-00
11    Petrology, geochemistry, and tectonic setting of Tertiary volcanic and intrusive rocks in north of Shahr-e-Firouzeh, NE Iran            0000-00-00
12    Geology, Mineralogy, source and industrial application of Silica nearby Mashhad (Arefi)            0000-00-00
13    Satellite mineral mapping Finding target for Na- Ca bentonite deposit in Eastern Iran            0000-00-00
14    Combination of Landsat 8 image processing and stream sediment geochemistry for exploration of mineral resources: case study in Dehsalm area, East of Iran            0000-00-00
15    The Kuh-e-Zar iron oxide–gold deposit, NE Iran: geology, mineralization, alteration, petrogenesis, U-Pb age, fluid Inclusion, and stable isotope studies            0000-00-00
16    Skarn mineralogy, geochemical exploration, magnetometry, dating, Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr isotopic studies of intrusive bodies in Bishe iron mineralization area, Birjand.    Ph.D    nakhaei, malihe    0000-00-00
17    Geology, mineralization, alteration, geochemistry, micro-thermometry, isotope study and genesis of Kajeh prospecting area, South Khorasan    Ph.D    Najafi, Ali    0000-00-00
18    Study of geology, alteration, mineralization, geochemistry, genesis and origin of fluids in Kuh-e-Shah Cu-Au mineralization, South Khorasan    Ph.D    Abdi, Maryam    0000-00-00
19    Geology, mineralization, and geochemistry of Pade-Bid iron occurance, SW Bardaskan, South Khorasan province            0000-00-00
20    Alteration, mineralization, geochemistry and fluid inclusion studies in Chah Noghreh Pb-Zn veins, NW Birjand, Lut Block            0000-00-00
21    Mineralization, geochemical exploration, dating and Geochemistry of Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr isotopes of intrusive bodies of Najmabad area-Gonabad    Ph.D    Moradi Noghondar, Mehrab    2009-11-30
22    Mineralization, geochemical exploration, magnetometery and intrusive bodies petrogenesis in eastern and western Keybarkuh.    Ph.D    Salati, Ehsan    2009-11-30
23    Petrogenesis of intrusive rocks, Petrology of skarn, Origin of mineralized solutions and Magnetometry of East Iran Iron ore deposit (Sangan)    Ph.D    golmohammadi, abbas    2010-01-26
24    Mineralization, geochemistry, magnetometry and petrogenesis of intrusive-volcanic bodies of Taknar mine araes, Bardaskan    Ph.D    Monazzami bagherzadeh, Reza    2010-02-06
25    Geology, geochemistry and mineralogy in Gazu prospect area .    M.Sc.    Hafez Darbani, Majid    2010-09-11
26    Skarn mineralogy and ground magnetic survey in Gazu prospect area    M.Sc.    qaraee, Misaq    2010-09-11
27    Geology, alteration, mineralization and geochemistry of Nishapur Turquoise Mine (Zak prospect area)    M.Sc.    Mohammadnejad, Hassan    2010-09-11
28    Geology, Mineralogy and geochemistry of Roud Gaz prospecting area, southeast of Gonabad    M.Sc.    hamooni, seyed javad    2011-05-28
29    Geology, Mineralogy and geophysics of Roud Gaz prospecting area, southeast of Gonabad    M.Sc.    Hajimirzajan, Hossein    2011-05-28
30    Mineralization, Geochemistry, Tectonic and Petrogensis of Bajestan intrusive bodies    Ph.D    AHMADIROUHANI, REYHANEH    2011-06-28
31    Mineralization, Petrognesis, Geochemical-Geophysical exploration in Uchplag- Sarsefidal region, East of Kashmar.    Ph.D    Almasi, Alireza    2011-06-28
32    Geochemistry, Geophysics, petrogenesis of intrusive rocks and Gold Mineralization in Hereed mine area, sought of Birjand    Ph.D    askari, ali    2011-06-28
33    Geology, alteration, mineralization, geochemical exploration, geophysical exploration, fluid inclusions, dating and Hf isotopes and genesis of Firouzeh mine, Khorasan Razavi province    Ph.D    Ghiasvand, Alireza    2011-06-28
34    Mineralization, petrogenesis and geophysical study in Gazu copper area, Tabas    Ph.D    mahdavi, amir    2011-06-28
35    Mineralization, petrology and geophysical studies in Khonik area, south of Birjand    Ph.D    samiee, somayeh    2011-06-28
36    Geological, Mineralogical, Microthermometry, Geochemical and geophysical Studies of Chah Sorb mining area (North East Tabas)    Ph.D    Soltani, Sadegh    2011-06-28
37    : mineralization, geochemistry,petro genesis of igneous rocks in NW Gonabad    Ph.D    zirjanizadeh, sedigheh    2011-06-28
38    Mineralization، Geochemistry and Fluid inclusion study in Tarik Dareh and Firouzkuh prospect area, Torbate- jam    M.Sc.    ramezani, farzaneh    2011-07-12
39    Mineralogy, fluid inclusion, and geochemical studies of Kuh-Sorbi prospect area, Bakharz, Khorasan Razavi province.    M.Sc.    ghaemmaghami nezhad, attieh    2012-06-13
40    Geology, mineralization, alteration and geochemistry of Koli prospect area, northeast of Ghaen, South Khorasan province.    M.Sc.    majidifar, mahla    2012-06-19
41    Geology, mineralization and geochemistry of a Sb-Au and Fe occurrence of Neiganan prospect area, northern of Boshrouyeh, South Khorasan province.    M.Sc.    nazarghazvinian, neda    2012-06-19
42    Surface and underground petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry studies of area between Baghk and C-North areas, Sangan Iron mine, Khaf    M.Sc.    karrabi, behrouz    2012-06-19
43    Surface and underground geology, mineralogy and geochemistry studies of Red Hill area, Sangan Iron mine, Khaf    M.Sc.    heydari, mojtaba    2012-06-19
44    Geology, Mineralization, alteration, geochronology and source of intrusive rocks in Kuh-e-Bakhto (west of Qale Zari)    Ph.D    abedi, alireza    2012-06-27
45    Geochronology, determination of source, Petrography, geochemistry of alteration, mineralization, physicochemistry conditions of fluid and determination of source in Qale Zari Cu-Au mine    Ph.D    mohammadi, fahimeh    2012-06-27
46    Mineralization, geochemistry, microthermometry and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks in North Khur mineralization, South Khorasan province    Ph.D    javidi, maryam    2012-06-27
47    Mineralization, geochemical, microthermometry and isotopic studies in Nakhlak Mountain Mining area (North East Esfahan)    Ph.D    jazi, mohamad ali    2012-06-27
48    Mineralization, alteration, petrology and, age dating intrusive rocks, southwest-west of Dehsalm.    Ph.D    miri, rouhollah    2012-06-27
49    Geology, Mineralization and Geochemistry of Shourab prospect area, South of Bardaskan.    M.Sc.    Gohari, Seyed Mohammadreza    2012-07-01
50    Geology, alteration, source of mineralization and geochrnology, Khor Asheghan    Ph.D    abedi, alireza    2012-07-28
51    Geology, alteration, mineralization, geochemistry, geochronology and isotopic studies in She changi, Howz-e- Rais and Qaleh-Zargar areas, east of Nayband, east of Iran.    Ph.D    jafari, Afsane    2013-05-10
52    Geology, Mineralization, Geochemistry, Dating and Petrogenesis studies of Intrusive Rocks of the Iju Porphyry Copper Deposit, Northwest of Shahr-e-babak    Ph.D    golestani, Malihe    2013-05-10
53    Geology, mineralization, geochemistry, petrognesis and dating of intrusive rocks related to porphyry copper mineralization in South-West Sorkh-Kuh area, Lut Block, Eastern Iran.    Ph.D    hosseinkhani, Ahmad    2013-05-10
54    Mineralization, geochemistry and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks in Kuh Zar Au-Cu deposit, Damghan    Ph.D    Roohbakhsh Iradi, Payam    2013-05-10
55    Mineralization, geochemistry, microthermometry and isotopic studies of Neigenan prospect area , Northwest of Boshrouyeh, South Khorasan province    Ph.D    karimi, zahra    2013-05-10
56    Mineralization, geochemistry, microthermometry and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks in Simorgh prospecting, Southwest Nehbandan, South Khorasan province    Ph.D    Borabadi, Reza    2013-05-10
57    Geology, Geochemistry, Mineralization, Genesis and Isotope studies of Golcheshmeh deposit, South Neyshabour, Northeastern Iran    Ph.D    entezari harsini, aazam    2013-05-10
58    The study of mineralization, petrological classification and ore- fluid source of Gol Gohar iron ore mine (No.1), Sirjan, Kerman    Ph.D    jafari, Afsane    2013-05-10
59    Geology, mineralization, geochemistry and petrologyof intrusive rocks in Senjedak І prospect area ,Sangan iron mine, Khaf, Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    Tanhaei, Shahrbanoo    2013-06-26
60    Pyrrhotite and Siderite, formation,occurances, and their relationship with respect to magnetite mineralization within central and western Iron deposists, sangan Iron mine    M.Sc.    gandomroo, haniye    2013-07-05
61    Geology, mineralization and geochemistry of Senjedak II and III prospect area , Eeast of Sangan iron mine ,Khaf,Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    shakerdpour, zakiyeh    2013-07-06
62    Geology,mineralization and geochemistry of Khanlogh prospect area, north west of Neyshabour,Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    Zare-i, Arezu    2013-07-23
63    Tectonic, Geneisis and the relationship between mineralization and stractural of the golohar Iron Deposit (Sirjan)    Ph.D    Gholami fesharaki, Zohreh    2013-12-16
64    The Environmental Impacts Of Placer Mining From Sangan Iron Ore Deposits On Soil and Water Resources    M.Sc.    Saadati, Esmaeil    2014-06-21
65    Geology, Mineralization, Geochemistry, and Petrogenesis and geochronology of igneous units in Jalambadan prospect area, northwestern Sabzevar    Ph.D    eshback, pooneh    2014-07-05
66    Mineralization, geochemistry, magnetometry and petrogenesis of Damanghor deposit, north of Bardaskan, Khorasan Razavi province    Ph.D    Abbasnia, Hossein    2014-07-05
67    Geology, mineralization, geochemistry, and genesis of Dehzaman Iron deposit, SW Kashmar    M.Sc.    imanpour, babak    2014-08-23
68    Geology, mineralization, and the mechanism of formation of iron Delkan deposit, SW Bardaskan, Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    shabani, saeed    2014-08-23
69    Geology, mineralization, and geochemistry of Zeber-kuh Fe prospect area, southwest of Bardaskan    M.Sc.    Narouie, Hosein    2014-08-23
70    Studies in Geology, Mineralization, Geochemistry and determination of Genesis of Kalabri copper deposit, North-West of Bardaskan    M.Sc.    jabari, elahe    2014-08-23
71    Mineralization, alteration, geochemistry, microthermometry, geochronology and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks in Shah Soltan Ali prospect area (South-west of Birjand, South Khorasan province)    Ph.D    nadermezerji, samane    2015-03-05
72    Geology, mineralization, alteration, geochemistry, microthermometry, petrogenesis and geochronology studies of intrusive rocks in Hamech prospect area (South-West of Birjand, South Khorasan province)    Ph.D    Etemadi, Abbas    2015-03-05
73    Geology, Mineralization, Geochemistry, Alteration,Geochronology and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks and Origin and type of mineralization in Seyed Morteza North Kashmar    Ph.D    Jamshidi, Majid    2015-03-05
74    Geology, mineralization, GeochemicalExploration, minerals chemistry and determination genesis of Deh-Zaman Iron mine, SW Bardasksn    Ph.D    hajimirzajan, hossein    2015-03-05
75    Geology, Mineralization and geochemistry and interpretation of geophysical data (IP-RS) in the Hatamabad prospect area Northeastern Qaen, South Khorasan Province    M.Sc.    ramezani abbakhsh, turan    2015-06-17
76    Mineralization, alteration, geochemistry, petrology, petrogenesis, and age dating of intrusive rocks of Kalate Naser and Moeinabad,southwest of Qaen.    Ph.D    Mazhari, Maryam sadat    2015-06-17
77    Mineralization, fluid inclusion study, petrogenesis and geochronology of Tannurjeh porphyry Cu-Au mineralization, northeast of Kashmar    M.Sc.    hossaini, raziyeh    2015-06-20
78    Study of the mineralization, geochemistry and sources of Gold and Iron in stream sediments and sand dunes at SefidSang located in the south east of Fariman, Khorasan Razavi Province.    Ph.D    joudi shandiz, mohammad    2015-06-27
79    The geochmistry, altration, minralization, magmatism and geological setting studies of mineralization zones of Ghale-Riggi and Sargaz kuh in Dowlatabad -Jiroft area(southernSanadaj- Sirjan Zone)    Ph.D    jahangiri, hojatallah    2016-02-26
80    Geology, alteration, Mineralization Pb isotopes and stable isotiopes, of Irankuh mine, Esfehan, Iran    Ph.D    ESMAEILI SEVIERI, ABBAS    2016-03-03
81    Mineralization, geochemistry, microthermometry and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks related to Cu-Au mineralization of Nakhilab, NW Zahedan-sistan & baluchestan province    Ph.D    Bagherifar, Abdolrahim    2016-03-03
82    Mineralization, alteration, geochemistry, microthermometry, geochronology and petrogenesis of igneous rocks in South of Safi Abad Geological Map on 1:100000،،Tape siyahe Sabzevar ore deposite (North of Sabzevar, Razavi -North Khorasan province)    Ph.D    sharifimoghadam, sedihgeh    2016-03-17
83    Geology, Mineralization and Geochemistry Polymetal Shourak Prospect Area, South Khorasan    M.Sc.    Zanganeh GhasemAbadi, Ali    2016-05-21
84    Mineralogy, ore chemistry, and fluid inclusion studies in Gushfil Pb-Zn deposit, Irankuh mining district, SW Isfahan    M.Sc.    Saboori, Monir    2016-05-21
85    Geology, Altration, Mineralisation, Geochemistry, Isotopic studies and Genesis of Carbonate Hosted Lead-Zinc deposits, Ruchun- Mazar Area, Kerman Province    Ph.D    Ghorbani Dehnavi, Mahdi    2016-06-06
86    Mineralization, Geochemistry, fluid incluison and petrogenesis of intrusive reated to Cu-Au mineralized Aftabrou prospecting area, North west of Saveh    Ph.D    Gohari, hassan    2016-06-06
87    Geology, Mineralization, tectonic and genesis of Iron deposits Eastern section of Kuh Sarhangi, South west of Bardaskan    Ph.D    naderi mighan, nasir    2016-06-06
88    Geology, mineralization, geochemistry and petrogenesis in Robaee area, south of Damghan    Ph.D    mahdavi akerdi, mehdi    2017-01-03
89    Geology, Mineralization, geochemistry, microthermometry and petrogenesis of igneous units, Bahariyeh deposit, NE Kashmar, Khorasan Razavi province    Ph.D    najmi, fatemeh    2018-04-25
90    Geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and microthermometry of Narm Fe mine and Tangal-e-Sefid area and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks from Western Kuh-e-Sarhangi, Eastern Iran    Ph.D    PARVARESHDARBANDI, MAHBOOBEH    2018-06-18